Sunday, March 22, 2015

Of Everyday Makeup

  1. (Primer) - I wish I could say that this is something I apply every single day, but alas, I am one lazy human. But when I do apply this, it really makes a difference to making my makeup last longer. I find the Smashbox primer minimizes my pores, but the Hourglass one fights shine a lot longer. 
  2. Concealer - I picked up the Collection Lasting Collection concealer on a trip to London while I was studying abroad last semester. Unfortunately, it's really hard to hunt down in the states. However, I've heard glowing reviews about how Maybelline's Fit Me Concealer is a dupe for the Nars Creamy Concealer, which we all know is a much coveted product.
  3. Foundation - This MAC one is a new addition to my arsenal. This takes less than a minute to apply with a fluffy powder brush. It gives amazing coverage for a powder and doesn't leave that powdery residue on the face. If you have dry skin, be sure to really moisturize before using this. Since it has oil control properties, it's really going to draw out those dry patches.
  4. Brows- Currently, I'm loving the Benefit one. It has a waxy texture as well as a sturdy spool-y brush to really blend the color so it doesn't look like I drew a bunch of lines in as my eyebrows.  But honestly, I think I'm using it because sharpening the pencil and watching it shrink gives me a strangely desired satisfaction. 
  5. Eyeliner - Yet another loved item I picked up from London. But you can find the Soap & Glory Supercat Liner on Amazon, just for a heftier price than walking into Superdrug in London. But I guess if you calculate in the airfare to London...Regardless, this eyeliner has a thicker nib than most, which for me, makes the process of applying it ten times faster. The end is still pointed for precision and this jet black color has incredible lasting power. 
  6. Mascara - I treated myself to a Tarte advent calendar this past Christmas and uncovered these two treasures. I never really considered primer for my lashes before, but this stuff gives loads of definition to my sparse lashes. Then I add two coats of the Tarte mascara. Usually, I prefer waterproof mascara since it holds a curl better. But it'd be a shame if I didn't use the spoils from my calendar, plus, waterproof mascara is such a hassle to wash off.
  7. Lips - This changes everyday, but this Sheseido one in Fantasia is a current favorite. I've been loving plum shades a lot more this season, but this shows up a lot more pink in the picture. But since the weather's picking up, I should probably reach for some pink shades anyway.
  8. Blush - Rose gold has been all the rage lately and Benefit's Rockateur is not an exception. I love the slight shimmer this adds to my cheeks and the rose gold blends the perfect amount of warmth into my dulled winter face.

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